A  new economical and ecologically effective alternative to conventional envelopes and poly wrap.


Designed to compost and bio degrade naturally

Can you afford to ignore the economic and ecological advantages of Biolope? Available in an exciting range of colours made to your order in addition to brown and white in a range of standard and custom sizes

We offer the NATURAL alternative to traditional products in the retail, direct mail and greeting card market

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Why should you use Biolope?

To begin with our paper is made from recycled delivery boxes and post consumer waste paper. and is biodegradable and compostable.

Improve your response rate by getting more potential customers opening your campaign!

After you have opened your envelope you now have two choices that you can make:

First and until now a natural option is put it in your recycle bin. That will start a whole new chain of processes which will add up a huge additional carbon footprint.

Second and better option is to either compost or bury it in the ground! Put an end to the carbon footprint - no more processes that use huge amounts of fossil fuel energy or toxic ink that goes into landfill!


You have stopped your envelope contributing to even more climate damage.

For companies producing direct mail Biolope is surprisingly cost effective against conventional paper wrap and standard envelopes.

Biolope can be printed four colour process for advertising using vegetable biodegradable inks.

We can supply in natural and any PMS colour you choose (minimum quantities apply)

The Ugly Truth

about recycling

Things you may not know!

The recycling journey: Your bin empties into a big lorry - that goes to a recycling yard where its processed and combined with everyone else's paper waste. Then it starts another journey to the paper mill on more trucks and even ships to the other side of the world.


At the mill huge energy is used to separate the ink from the paper to make new paper. The ink is normally oil based and that is toxic sludge which goes into landfill!

Green Leaves

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We are ready to help our environment. Stop the carbon footprint and return the Biolope to Mother Earth!

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